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We only breed once every few years and for very specific reasons.

Sometimes people get pups within a very short time; sometimes they have to wait a year or more.  We do not assign “numbers” to people on our waiting list but like to find out as much as possible about them,  meeting them and letting them meet our dogs en masse  and when we have pups we try to match the pups to the best possible homes putting the future welfare of the pups as our prime concern.  

If we currently do not have Vizsla puppies available, we can help you find a reputable Vizsla breeder in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.


Upcoming Litters

Before we will produce a litter of puppies, both the Dam (mom) and Sire (father) must be certified by OFA or PennHip and CERF.  

We conduct certification tests for Hips, Thyroid, and Elbows (OFA), as well as Eyes (CERF).   While certifying that both Dam and Sire have tested free of some hereditary conditions, it is impossible to guarantee the hereditary health of the puppies.  

In the event a puppy is diagnosed with a hereditary condition, we guarantee a refund or replacement of your puppy.   

In the event you are unable or unwilling to continue providing a home for your puppy at any point in their lifetime, we will take your puppy back regardless of circumstances.  

Health Testing and

Lifetime Support

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Our puppies participate in the Superdog bio-sensor program beginning at 3 days of age, after having their tails docked and dewclaws removed.  

Before going to their new homes they will have been wormed and have received their first set of shots.  They will be micro-chipped.  They will have been introduced to the crate, had several car rides, exposure to multiple surfaces, people and sounds, as well as begun their potty training.  

We work daily with puppies introducing surfaces, environments, educational toys and socialization beginning at 3 days of age. Puppies are evaluated at 49 days for personality, temperament and trainability

 At 8 weeks they are evaluated by Pat Hastings (or one of her evaluators, or respected breed mentor) to determine breed structure and suitability for show/performance. (see  With the results of these evaluations, personal observations and the desires of the potential owners we match our puppies to their new prospective owners.

Placement Testing and Evaluations

Planned breedings for


Stori will be bred Summer / Early Fall


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