DezertFyre Vizslas

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DezertFrye Vizslall Righ

Hips: OFA VZ-9081F25F-PI   Elbow: OFA VZ-EL454F25-PI Thyroid: OFA VZ-TH107/25F-PI CERF:VZ-645

DNA: V483028  CHIC: 39797

GCH CH Dezertfyre and Ice, CGC

Lizzie’s Accomplishments

Lizzie's Pedigree

Group 1 Sporting Group Puppy Match at 4 months of age

Best Bred By

Best of Breed

Dam of Open Bitch National Winner

Dam of Best In Sweeps and BOS Sweeps TEVCO winners

Liz x Blue litter produced 3 males and four females.  

Lucy, Maverick, Percy, Rupert,Sky, Roxy and Parsley

4 Champions, 1 Obedience title, Multiple Agility titles and 1 Champion in progress